Jodie Ellenor


Jodie offers 1:1 sessions for anxiety and depression.   

She comes to us after years of experience working in the mental health field, having had a successful Toronto-based private therapy practice.  

Jodie takes a holistic view when treating anxiety and depression, incorporating her training in a Masters of Social Work, as a yoga instructor and in functional medicine.  From a therapeutic perspective, Jodie's approach is influenced by cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), strengths-based and mindfulness approaches.  

She also offers functional lab testing including DNA testing, food sensitivity testing and stool testing that can support her clients to get to the root causes of physiological contributors to anxiety and depression.  

1:1 sessions covered by most insurance plans. 



Use this one hour session to heal anxiety and/or depression holistically.  

Key symptoms of anxiety/depression include:

*racing thoughts


*obsessive thinking

*chronic worry

*physical concerns such as heart palpitations

*difficult sleeping

*digestive difficulties
*lack of interest in activities that used to excite you
*low mood
*changes in appetite and sleeping habits.

Choose single sessions or an 8 week program that does a deep dive into mind and body factors.

Areas explored include:

*Mindset through CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)

*Mindfulness & Relaxation Strategies

*The role of diet & lifestyle

*Pathogens & Infections that cause anxiety

*Metal Toxicity & Mineral Imbalance

*MTHFR & Methylation genetics that contribute to anxiety

Covered by most insurance plans that cover social work.  

Here is the link to book: 

(Note: I charge 140$ per hour)

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5 Day Challenge


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