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Sara Porter

What got me here?

We are defined by the person we are each day, and we have the ability each day to change that definition. At a young age I suffered from the first of a few traumatic events in my life, and for awhile those events defined me. They changed how I viewed myself and those around me. My experiences defined how others viewed me. It took me a long time to realize that I could change that definition.

Learning to love myself and find satisfaction within instead of from an outside source is a necessity to a healthy lifestyle, one which provides great personal pride for overcoming the obstacles in front of me. No path is free from branches, rocks and holes but if you can find the beauty and growth in those branches, rocks and holes then you define your path instead of it defining you.

There are left over consequences of those early life experiences that I will be left with forever, but it's what I choose to do with it that matters. 

So what is Pink Umbrella?

Pink Umbrella is a place for empowerment, healing, peace, learning, relaxation, joy, strength and hope. 

It's a place where there are no judgements-only support. Where we all work together to help you find the person you want to be and to love yourself. Growth can be a difficult journey but it doesn't have to be a lonely one. 

Pink Umbrella consists of 2 buildings, Cedarvale Cottage a 100 yr old home that has our Asclepius room where our Counsellors meet with their clients to help guide them  on their journey as well as where our Reflexology treatments take place, Dionysus, currently the location of the nutrition centre, and our club meeting areas and Gaia, a rental suite with 1 king bed and 2 twins. 

Our Studio opened in November of 2017. In the studio is Eirene, our yoga and meditation room that is also used for showers, parties, community potlucks, events and other activities. Apollo and Hecate are our two treatment rooms for  massage and the loft our overnight "glamping" area. The loft has 4 twin beds and a deck looking out into the woods. (possibility of 8 twin arrangements, bathroom is on the lower floor of the studio.)